Sep 05

Innovations in Cardiology (IIC) Summit 2014

Dr Rajneesh Kapoor

Thrombectomy in PCI for STEMI patients offers no extra benefits

The 12–month randomized TASTE (Thrombus Aspiration in ST–Elevation Myocardial Infarction in Scandinavia) trial reported at the ESC Congress 2014 that routine manual thrombus aspiration before PCI, as compared with PCI alone, did not reduce all–cause mortality or the composite of death from any cause, rehospitalization for myocardial infarction, or stent thrombosis up to 1 year. The multicenter, randomized, registry-based trial, recruited 7,244 STEMI patients from Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland.

In the trial, death from any cause occurred in 5.3% in the thrombus–aspiration group vs 5.6% in the PCI–only group. Both groups had similar rehospitalization rates for myocardial infarction (MI) 2.7%, and the stent thrombosis rate was 0.7% in the thrombus aspiration arm versus 0.9%. Even high–risk groups such as smokers, patients with diabetes, or patients with large clots had similar results with either approach.

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