Sep 02

Innovations in Cardiology (IIC) Summit 2014

Dr Rajneesh Kapoor

Beneficial effect of pistachio consumption on prediabetes

Regular consumption of pistachio consumption is beneficial and is emerging as a useful nutritional strategy for the prediabetic state. Results of a randomized crossover trial published online in Diabetes Care. 2014 Aug 14 suggest that pistachios have a glucose- and insulin-lowering effect, promote a healthier metabolic profile and reverse certain metabolic deleterious consequences of prediabetes. In the study, participants were randomly assigned to start with either a diet including 57 gm per day of roasted pistachios or a calorie–matched control diet in which other fatty foods (mostly olive oil) compensated for the pistachio calories. There was a significant decline in fasting glucose, insulin, and HOMA of insulin resistance with pistachio diet, including other cardiometabolic risk markers such as fibrinogen, oxidized LDL, and platelet factor 4. Pistachios contain more lutein, β–carotene, and ?–tocopherol than do other nuts, and they also appear to hold particular anti–inflammatory properties.

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